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Uhm, this is not ok.

Getting Quicksilver to whore himself out to sell fast-food is not ok. He already looks dopey as fuck in his get-up that looks like something the boys from Duran Duran would have hidden in their closet somewhere from the golden year of 80’s New Age. 

But now you use Quicksilver to sell burgers. Quicksilver… Pietro Maximoff… the dude who’s superpower is to run really fast… That’s like using Wonder Woman to promote Hooters. Fast food and running very fast don’t go well together and NO, you are not fucking clever marketing people because you thought of it!

Furthermore, all X-men and all X-men related characters should not be used in such blatant examples of product placement, soulless marketing and perverse advertising for the simple reason that they are symbols of COUNTER FUCKING CULTURE. Being different, being against the system, perservering. None more so than Quicksilver who is by far the least marketable character in this fucking movie (if you go by the comic book origin anyway). 

See this quote right here:

QUICKSILVER: None of your business. Tell me doctor… Have you ever stood in line at a banking machine behind a person who didn’t know how to use it? Or wanted to buy stamps at the post office, and the fellow in front of you wants to know every single way he can ship his package to Istanbul? Or gotten some counter idiot at Burger King who cant comprehend “Whopper, No Pickles?”
DR SAMSON: Well… yes… I suppose…
QUICKSILVER: And how do you feel on those occasions?
DR SAMSON: Impatient. Irritated. A little angry sometimes.
QUICKSILVER: Precisely. Because your life is being slowed to a crawl by the inabilities or the inconvenient behavior of others. It’s not a rational or considerate attitude to have, but there it is. Now, Imagine, Doctor, that everyone you work with, everywhere you go your entire world is filled with people who cant work cash machines. I’d venture to say, Doctor, that you too would suffer from PMS. Get the picture? Not so puzzling now, is it?

-X-Factor 87

THAT is Quicksilver, the real one, the asshole, the one who hates idiots working in Burger King, the one kids SHOULD look up to.

But you may ask, all superheroes are supposedly counter-culture and all superheroes are used to sell stuff, what’s so different this time. This time they used the actual fucking actor in his full costume to promote their product and going by their campaign they’re trying to make a connection between eating their crap and becoming an X-men.


I’m not saying don’t eat fast-food cause that’s your fucking choice and your life. Do whatever you want. What I’m saying is that if you have a kid and your kid loves the X-men he should love them for the right reasons, like teaching him its ok to be different, stand up for what you believe in, FUCK THE MAN (unless that man is your daddy).

He should not love the X-men because they market products for companies that clearly don’t give a fuck that your kid might some day suffer from obesity. 

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10 things I want to say about Stalia

1. Of course he would fuck her! He’s been portrayed as a virgin looking to lose it since the first episode and he’s possessed and he’s suffering from an incurable disease. Homeboy wanted to get some before he dropped dead.

2. That being said… didn’t the old dead guy smell?

3. And didn’t they use protection? 

4. And while we’re at it, sex makes guys really sleepy you know…

5. Why was Malia in the insane asylum anyway, with the exception of hitting Stiles (and pretty much everybody in the show has done that by now) she seemed really well adjusted.

6. Incredibly well adjusted in fact. There’s nothing to give away the fact that this was a girl that spent the last years of her life as a coyote in the wild. She seemed like any other hot twenty-something pretending to be a teenager.

7. Even her fucking hair is perfect.

8. Almost as if… she’s been put in this episode ONLY to have sex with Stiles and later be all damsel-in-distressy. Again. 

9. The second she fucked Stiles she was out of the mental institution. Where is her dad? How did she get released so fast? Did she voluntarily check herself in? And how come nobody bothered to look for three fucking missing teenagers that weren’t in their rooms the whole night!?

10. But the most nonsensical thing about Stalia and the episode is that I don’t think Stiles would sacrifice his sanity and endanger his friends and family for the sake of Malia. Yes, he wouldn’t want to be responsible for her death, but he already saved the bitch and she wound up in the mental hospital. It’s not like he put her there! I still think Stiles would chose his dad/friends over Malia, even after everything. Basically we’re meant to believe that for one quick virgins-going-at-it-so-you-know-it-wasn’t-good fuck he sacrificed the safety of his dad, his friends. And Stiles wouldn’t do that. I think.

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I love Felicity too much to ship Olicity (right now)

This is why I don’t ship Olicity. Because Oliver Queen… is a man-slut. He is not ABOVE Felicity, it’s not a situation where the dorky girl needs to make the cool guy see her for the beautiful special sexy snowflake she is. 

He is the one who is fucked up. He is beneath her. (emotionally speaking)

If there’s one aspect of Oliver Queen’s personality that they managed to adapt to the TV show (more so than even Smallville did) is that Green Arrow is a man-slut who uses sex to hide his intimacy/commitment issues. 

Oliver is simply not in the place to sustain a long term relationship because clearly his pain is the greatest pain that has ever pained. Acting on impulse to save Felicity’s life is not putting somebody else’s needs above his own, which is what Felicity does every single fucking time. And I don’t appreciate him calling back Barry to the party to be with Felicity. I don’t appreciate it because five fucking minutes later he RESENTED Felicity for staying in Central City to take care of Barry when he’s in a FUCKING coma.

This is what happens. Oliver gets emotional about shit, he fucks women to feel better. And maybe I’m being harsh in calling him a manslut, but so far I’ve seen him have sex five times (Laurel, that cop chick, Isabel, Huntress, Sara) and only 1 of those times (cop chick) with somebody he was in a committed relationship with. He probably fucked Shado too, and while you could call that a committed relationship (nobody else on the island except Slade… and well… I’ll leave you with that mental image) the fact that he would involve himself with somebody romantically and sexually AFTER cheating on Laurel AND after Sara died because of him (or so he thought) and DURING the time he supposedly missed Laurel like crazy.. again tells me that he kinda forgets his moral compass when pussy is involved. 

HOMEGIRL DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IN HER LIFE… I don’t care how fine and rich and awesome Oliver is.

HOWEVER, I am open to Oliver growing and changing through their friendship… which may eventually turn him into a suitable romantic partner for her. 

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Anonymous asked: The Katrina stan called you a "stupid asshole" in their tag, so I wouldn't even bother responding to them. Your post wasn't even hateful or anything....Katrina stans just can't stand the truth which is Katrina is a very uninteresting character, no matter what you ship or not.

Thanks. I don’t use tumblr that much actually, so whenever I say something and somebody replies agressively I’m like DOH, should’ve kept my mouth shut. So really, thanks for the support. :)

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Ah yes someone trapped in what as far as we know amounts to a prison dimension, is just a passive and uninteresting character.

u did it. u did the ichabbie. congratulation

Honestly I would have this problem with Katrina even if I didn’t ship Ichabbie. Because it’s still 250 freakin years and no, I don’t plan on giving her a cookie for SURVIVING. That’s like praising the Headless Horseman for having no head. :)

I’ll give her mad props though if she manages to escape by her own damn self.

Clearly when she wants to, she can reach out to the living (like she did with Abbie). That’s the kind of thing I want to see more from her in the future. That at least she tried and she’s still trying. She’s actively fighting Moloch or whatever baddies are in there with her. That’s what active INTERESTING characters do.

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The thing that I don’t get about Katrina is…

What the heck has she been doing for the past 250 years?

I don’t know if time passes differently in Purgatory or not or at least if she experiences time passing differently or not, but 250 years of isolation and living in fear has to mess with a person’s mind somehow. But whenever Ichabod finds her she’s like, just hanging out in Purgatory.

Going every day to light a candle for her kid and whatnot. And if you think about it, she basically outlived her kid (from what she knows any way). So why would she still do that?

This isn’t a slight against the character. I have nothing against Katrina or the actress, but when people ask me why I prefer Abbie to Katrina at least I can tell them that Abbie gets shit done, Katrina sat on her metaphysical ass for 250 years waiting for Ichabod to come save her or the Headless Horseman to claim her.

Now I don’t know if we’ll see more of what she’s been up to in all that time but I certainly hope she did something. Even go evil at some point or for good. Otherwise she’s such a passive uninteresting character.

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Bethyl vs Caryl. So that’s what the big deal was?


So we’ve finally seen just a smidge of the thing that most Bethyl shippers are craving for, some Daryl/Beth interaction because let’s face it… so far they’ve had none. 

And I liked their scene together. I liked because it showed Daryl taking responsibility for somebody that was under his wing. He inately assumes that he’s responsible for the people that he takes with him and is meant to bring them home to the people that care about them. In this particular case he’s not only responsible for the kid’s life, but also for Beth’s feelings.

Beth shows us that she’s become more jaded. You could say she’s stronger now, more mature, but I personally take it as cynicism. Like Carl last season, that girl needs a serious intervention. 

Now, the thing about the Daryl/Beth scene in terms of shipping and people going crazy over their interaction… A KID JUST FUCKING DIED. Now I know this is TWD and people die all the fucking time, but I see shippers going crazy over Beth and Daryl sharing a hug, when she hugged him cause HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND JUST DIED. I personally don’t see anything remotely romantic in their hug. A kid died, and they shared their pain over that trauma because they both knew him and cared about him. The way i see it beth hugged him because she appreciated him coming personally to tell her. 

Sometimes a hug is just a friendly hug man.

It irks me because it’s almost like some people are happy Zach died just so you could have Beth hug Daryl. Do you honestly think anybody in the Caryl fandom was HAPPY Merle got zombified, JUST so we could see Carol comforting Daryl? I certainly wasn’t. 

You can say this is a start, you can say this is the beginning of something that is not yet formed, but you can’t possibly say that Bethyl at this time is as valuable as Caryl for these characters. Bethyl has just as much legitimacy as Caryl, but not the same value.

People SHOULD ship certain couples because they genuinely think that relationship has POSITIVE effects on the lives of both characters, not because “they look cute together”.

If you can’t argue on behalf of your ship, if you can’t come up with any reasons for them to be together other than the vague: “But they’re so perfect for each other” or “they eyefucked each other that one time in that alternate universe” then don’t give me that “all ships are created equal” BS .

I believe ships based on anything less than positive relationship models are toxic. Meaning, if you ship characters that don’t fit together, that are BAD for each other, you are more likely to lash out on other ships.

That’s why the Vampire Diaries fandom is overrun with shipping wars. Of course a human girl shouldn’t be in a relationship with a vampire. That’s fucking stupid and dangerous!

It is my sincere humble opinion, and just my opinion, that people that ship like this don’t really care about what’s best for the characters, they care about their own romantic fantasies which they superimpose on certain characters. And then you sacrifice a character’s potential to grow and change for the sake of your own gratification.

I’m sure there are genuine reasons to ship Bethyl, but I don’t see them and I hope somebody can explain them to me. Can it happen somewhere down the line? Sure, why not, anything is possible. But the fact that people are writing fanfiction about Beth carrying Daryl’s baby and whatnot is genuinely flabbergasting for me. And this started happening way before this episode ever aired. 

Maybe it’s just the nature of tumbr that adds to this. Tumblr is all about exaggeration and interaction. You exaggerate your opinions and feelings to draw attention and then you interact with the people who have their own exggerated opinions and feelings. OF COURSE THINGS ESCALATE FAST.

But the thing that pisses me off about Bethyl: We’ve had 3 seasons of character development for Carol and Daryl, 3 seasons of them growing closer together, having genuine moments together, learning from one another… and apparently that has 0 value to some people. Even though, that’s the exact type of crap we should be seeing in romantic fiction. The idea of changing, evolving, growing. But fuck all that. Beth is cute! And she can sing!

If you don’t like Caryl, that’s fine. But for me right now, when it comes to Daryl, it’s either Carol or nobody. Somewhere down the line, it can be anybody. I don’t even ship Carol and Daryl romantically. I’m happy with whatever kind of relationship they have. In fact, I’m happiest with the “they love each other but they are not in love” description.

Those are just my thoughts on the matter and I didn’t tag this Bethyl because I don’t want to offend anybody.

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