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The five stages of my reaction to the rumor that Kyle Rayner may appear in Dawn of Justice

1. Denial

Just a rumor.

2. Anger


3. Bargaining

Pleeeeease, make it happen, I’ll do anything… PLEEEASE

4. Depression

I will never see a live action version of Kyle Rayner and nobody knows how much that hurts. 

5. Acceptance

At least the Flash pilot was good.

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Using the example of Outlaw Queen there are people that are saying that Regina doesn’t have a choice. Of course she does. She is just choosing to follow that path that is guaranteed to make her happy. She can still walk away at any moment and she has done.

Who are these people? Are they watching the same show? If Regina truly had no choice in the matter she would’ve jumped his bones the second she saw him. But she didn’t, she walked away the first time.

If she doesn’t have a choice than that means neither did the Charmings, or Belle and Rumpelstilskin. 

Destiny only points you in the right direction, it’s up to you to walk that path. And it’s up to the writers doing the characterizations to make us believe that these characters would make these certain choices (of hooking up) and it be completely reasonable and in them to do that, based on who they are, what they’ve been through.

If you don’t find it reasonable or believable than 1. the writing is just not that good or 2. you’re biased. 

The Stelena/Delena example is perfect one, because shippers often say: “Stefan and Elena are meant to be” or “Damon and Elena are meant to be” or whatever, without actually taking into consideration if that’s how they are written or not. When Elena was with Stefan, clearly she had chemistry with Damon. Now she’s with Damon, clearly Stefan is the one who is more together and could offer her a better life. She switches because the writing is inconsistent and she’s not “meant to be” with either one of them, regardless of shipper bias.

Once upon a time is NOT like that. OUAT for better or worse keeps romantic triangles to a minimum (outside of Hook/Emma/Baelfire I don’t remember another notable triangle) and once you fall for someone, you TRULY fall. There’s no back and forth between X and Y romantic choice. But writing long term relationships is SO MUCH HARDER than writing romantic triangles (IMO). So if you add the “destiny, choice, hazard” elements, I think it’a good way to keep things interesting.

It’s a tricky thing to write about destiny, but ultimately, life’s a journey not a destination. Who cares if you call it destiny or character development, as long as our favorite characters are happy?

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Yall have strange height standards

"She was quite smaller than he’d imagined the queen to be, actually quite petite" - (x)


I’ve read several Outlaw Queen fanfics by now that describe Regina as “petite”, especially compared to Robin.

Lana Parilla is 1,64 m which I would say is not petite for women, unless you’re Dutch. For most women it’s a pretty normal, average height, at least where I’m from.

And Sean Maguire at 1,78 m isn’t tall, also quite average. 

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Romantic triangles: Can we NOT?

One of the most overused tropes in the entirety of narrative fiction is the Romantic triangle. It is partly my fault for watching stuff like Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf etc where basically every single romantic relationship devolves into a romantic triangle eventually. 

The problem I have with this is that it turns love into a competition. You are competing with another boy to get a girl. You are competing with another girl to get a boy. You are competing with another boy to get a boy and all the possible variations on that. 

Love IS a competition, but it should be with yourself. You are competing against yourself to become a better person to be worthy of that which you want (a boy, a girl, a robot, an alien a whatever strikes your fancy). By turning it into a romantic triangle you are taking the focus off of making these characters better and helping them evolve through their relationship. No, you don’t have to be better in general, you have to be better than x, y or z.

Like in TVD where Stefan and Damon try to out-nice-guy each other to get to Elena. Nevermind that Stefan is exactly the same tortured soul he was at the beginning of the show, Damon is exactly as fucked up and self-destructive as he was at the beginning of the show, and Elena is still as uninteresting and prone to bad decisions as she always was.

And don’t even get me started on Caroline/Klaus/Tyler.  

I see shippers be like Caroline should be with Klaus, or Caroline should’ve stayed with Tyler. MOTHERFUCKING WHY? Is she a better person? Would she truly be happy? Would she have some positive fucking life experiences through these relationships? 

Romantic triangles also lead to shipping wars. One of the most positive fandoms I’ve seen is the one for Razer/Aya/Razaya. No shipping wars to speak of, because that relationship was build on HEALING (Razer’s case) and LEARNING (Aya’s case), not COMPETITION. 

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Uhm, this is not ok.

Getting Quicksilver to whore himself out to sell fast-food is not ok. He already looks dopey as fuck in his get-up that looks like something the boys from Duran Duran would have hidden in their closet somewhere from the golden year of 80’s New Age. 

But now you use Quicksilver to sell burgers. Quicksilver… Pietro Maximoff… the dude who’s superpower is to run really fast… That’s like using Wonder Woman to promote Hooters. Fast food and running very fast don’t go well together and NO, you are not fucking clever marketing people because you thought of it!

Furthermore, all X-men and all X-men related characters should not be used in such blatant examples of product placement, soulless marketing and perverse advertising for the simple reason that they are symbols of COUNTER FUCKING CULTURE. Being different, being against the system, perservering. None more so than Quicksilver who is by far the least marketable character in this fucking movie (if you go by the comic book origin anyway). 

See this quote right here:

QUICKSILVER: None of your business. Tell me doctor… Have you ever stood in line at a banking machine behind a person who didn’t know how to use it? Or wanted to buy stamps at the post office, and the fellow in front of you wants to know every single way he can ship his package to Istanbul? Or gotten some counter idiot at Burger King who cant comprehend “Whopper, No Pickles?”
DR SAMSON: Well… yes… I suppose…
QUICKSILVER: And how do you feel on those occasions?
DR SAMSON: Impatient. Irritated. A little angry sometimes.
QUICKSILVER: Precisely. Because your life is being slowed to a crawl by the inabilities or the inconvenient behavior of others. It’s not a rational or considerate attitude to have, but there it is. Now, Imagine, Doctor, that everyone you work with, everywhere you go your entire world is filled with people who cant work cash machines. I’d venture to say, Doctor, that you too would suffer from PMS. Get the picture? Not so puzzling now, is it?

-X-Factor 87

THAT is Quicksilver, the real one, the asshole, the one who hates idiots working in Burger King, the one kids SHOULD look up to.

But you may ask, all superheroes are supposedly counter-culture and all superheroes are used to sell stuff, what’s so different this time. This time they used the actual fucking actor in his full costume to promote their product and going by their campaign they’re trying to make a connection between eating their crap and becoming an X-men.


I’m not saying don’t eat fast-food cause that’s your fucking choice and your life. Do whatever you want. What I’m saying is that if you have a kid and your kid loves the X-men he should love them for the right reasons, like teaching him its ok to be different, stand up for what you believe in, FUCK THE MAN (unless that man is your daddy).

He should not love the X-men because they market products for companies that clearly don’t give a fuck that your kid might some day suffer from obesity. 

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10 things I want to say about Stalia

1. Of course he would fuck her! He’s been portrayed as a virgin looking to lose it since the first episode and he’s possessed and he’s suffering from an incurable disease. Homeboy wanted to get some before he dropped dead.

2. That being said… didn’t the old dead guy smell?

3. And didn’t they use protection? 

4. And while we’re at it, sex makes guys really sleepy you know…

5. Why was Malia in the insane asylum anyway, with the exception of hitting Stiles (and pretty much everybody in the show has done that by now) she seemed really well adjusted.

6. Incredibly well adjusted in fact. There’s nothing to give away the fact that this was a girl that spent the last years of her life as a coyote in the wild. She seemed like any other hot twenty-something pretending to be a teenager.

7. Even her fucking hair is perfect.

8. Almost as if… she’s been put in this episode ONLY to have sex with Stiles and later be all damsel-in-distressy. Again. 

9. The second she fucked Stiles she was out of the mental institution. Where is her dad? How did she get released so fast? Did she voluntarily check herself in? And how come nobody bothered to look for three fucking missing teenagers that weren’t in their rooms the whole night!?

10. But the most nonsensical thing about Stalia and the episode is that I don’t think Stiles would sacrifice his sanity and endanger his friends and family for the sake of Malia. Yes, he wouldn’t want to be responsible for her death, but he already saved the bitch and she wound up in the mental hospital. It’s not like he put her there! I still think Stiles would chose his dad/friends over Malia, even after everything. Basically we’re meant to believe that for one quick virgins-going-at-it-so-you-know-it-wasn’t-good fuck he sacrificed the safety of his dad, his friends. And Stiles wouldn’t do that. I think.

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